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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 28, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning. i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. >> a powerful new voice is on it was toy join the demonstrators right now. what about the -- voice of mayor quan? terry mcsweeney is live at frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: officially the mayor's office she has too many decisions to make about occupy oakland to talk to us specifically about. but amy hollyfield did catch up with her at a separate
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event. >> reporter: we just wanted to ask you about -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: no comment on why -- why they are being allowed to stay there? >> we are only going to do bay bridge things. >> reporter: mayor quan is is going to find the problem is back again. right back where occupy oakland set up camp more than two ago, 30 tents have sprung up. this man slept without a sleeping bag. many hope to get back to the message. >> i've seen that not everyone in the america has the same chance towards success. the old pull yourself up by your boot straps is bull. >> reporter: the basic demand is that the whole -- >> the basic demand is that the whole system has to be changed from favoring
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corporations to people. >> reporter: scott olsen is the ex-marine injured tuesday night by a tear gas canister. he's now in fair question. mayor quan visited olsen released a statement saying she apologizes for what happened tuesday night. her attempt to talk last night caused such a backlash she didn't get a chance to speak. >> we are trying to get through to them on an organizational level. >> reporter: michael moore has tweeted that he will be here. he tweets i'm sad and angry at your treatment by the police. this cannot be changed by a new militarized police force. we are going to hear from mayor quan later today. she is going to talk about where she goes from here. police nowhere in sight now. laura anthony will have more
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at 4, 5 and 6. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the police response to the occupy oakland protest has turned oakland into a flash point. people nationally and internationally are adding their voices to the controversy. katie marzullo is here with that story. >> reporter: you almost can't believe who is speaking out on this. political commentator keith observe man calling for oakland's -- keith olbermann is calling for oakland's mayor to resign. people in egypt are marching in solidarity with occupy oakland protesters. marching from tahrir square protesters if egypt are outraged, not on their own behalf. they are taking their message to the u.s. embassy in cairo demanding a stop to what they call police brutality, more than 7,000 miles away at occupy oakland. >> special comment about the astonishing brutality
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inflicted on the oakland protesters. >> reporter: keith olbermann didn't hold back. >> she can excuse the police chief and/or having betrayed everything she supported, and those who supported her, she must resign. >> reporter: jon stewart took a stab at the mayor. -- >> it looked like from the videos with we saw and the news accounts there were very angry people as to what occurred in oakland and we are trying to prevent that here in san francisco >> reporter: occupy san francisco is still in full swing. protesters have been left to do as they please. city leaders are still concerned about sanitation and it is still illegal to camp in the plaza overnight.
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in san jose occupy protest are planning a rally and march at 4:00. that protester on top of an i three story wall, fifth -- fifth straight day. he says he won't come down until police stop removing other campers. this morning the mayor said not going to meet with that protester. the occupy movement has generated a lot of talk on our facebook page. if you would like to join go to cupertino police are looking for a man who nearly choked the life out of a female student at de anza college. the woman describes him as 5'4, blonde hair and speaks with a russian accent. according to police the victim says the stranger approached near a campus parking garage asking for help he then began
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choking her until she passed out. when she regained consciousness, he was again. police alerted the campus and added extra patrol. a woman in a wheelchair was hit by a car crossing a san francisco street after 7:00 at 7th and harrison street. authorities say the has a serious head injury. they have not released her name or age. sonoma county firefighter set to make a court appearance on charges of embezzling to pay for tickets to the san jose sharks and disneyland. he was arrested wednesday. sheriff's investigators say he embezzled $63,000 from the firefighters' association of with which he serves as treasurer. other members noticed irregularities in his reports. investigators say he has admitted to the embezzlement.
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mile phone for the new bay bridge. a lot of dignataries there celebrating. amy hollyfield is in the thick of it and joins us live. where are you? >> reporter: i'm on the bridge we are in the san francisco part. the views from up here are amazing. your new bridge feels sturdy, looks good, at least i hope it is. see the yellow section of the crane that just lowered the last part into the bridge. there it is they lowered it into place. let me show you tape we shot from treasure island. it was on a barge this morning too heavy for local piers to handle, two million pounds, heaviest piece, 28th section they've handled. some on the bridge probably got a glimpse of the section they will soon be driveing on
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in 2013, when9b[6 the bridge opens. mayor quan was here to celebrate this big moment and this. >> bridges and roads in the bay area and so that's why i'm particularly hopeful that we'll have a better outcome this week, next week in congress for the president's bill. we need to retrofit not only this bridge but a lot of other major structures in the bay area. >> reporter: this truly connects oakland and san francisco together today. at least from a construction standpoint. that's why the mayor of oakland was here, mayor ed lee was invited, apologized he couldn't make it. he was health up at city hall. quite a celebratory nature in the air. those who are here say this is a historical moment. it is the iron workers who are especially excited today. we are told they are celebrating this as the pinnacle of all of their work. they are very happy to be
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here. we want to point out this isn't the ribbon-cutting ceremony yet. you can walk across or drive technically, it is all in place. but heer not finished. this bridge isn't opening until 2013. this is a nice preview. you still have time until you can get up here and drive across it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. all those workers are now part of history. very cool. still ahead, the bay area cities that rank among the best in the nation for trick-or-treaters. first, split second decision. incredible video, a fire
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an atlanta mother was forced to make a split second decision. take a look at video. the 23-year-old ashley brown had no choice but to drop her two children from a window. she tied a rope around her two-month-old son harvey and this is what happened next. >> i tried to get my body out as far as i could. he landed just fine. >> i told her to drop the baby and i promised her i would catch it. so i had to catch the baby. >> unbelievable. ashley did the same with her 3-year-old daughter and her mother. she said she is blessed that her children came through safely. both are doing fine. and her mother is all right.
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firefighters evacuated everybody and they say not one person had any serious injuries. incredible. a special day for lady liberty. today is the 125th anniversary of the statue of liberty. being marked with a day long celebration. it began with a naturalization ceremony for 125 people from 46 countries. one of the other highlights will be lighting of several cameras in the torch. those cameras will be connect odd to the internet that will allow viewers to gaze out at new york harbor or see visitors on the ground floor. new tool to attract climate change has rocketed into space. >> announcer: 3, 2, main engine start, 1, 0 and liftoff of the delta. >> so beautiful. nasa's newest high powered weather satellite blasted out from vandenberg after 2:45 this morning. that 1 1/2 billion dollar
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satellite will monitor global warming and help improve weather forecasts. sensors probe the ozone layer to atmospheric temperatures to ice flows. >> anything that improves the accuracy of what you guys do, you are looking forward to that. >> new breed of satellites the size of a minivan but costs a a lot more. interesting clouds you don't see often it happened because of that rocket launch. warm weekend forecast. rain and cooler temperatures. britain's queen elizabeth announces historic changes on taking the throne. what it could mean for the first child of prince william.
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if you are taking your kids trick-or-treating, you are in a great place. bay area's two biggest cities in the top 10 places nation wild for kids to walk the neighborhoods. real estate website zillow says san francisco is the best city when it comes to safety. san jose number six. cities are rated on home value, population, current data and nearby amenities not by the size of candy people
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give out. >> how is the weather going to be? >> i don't think you get better temperatures in the 70s until the sun goes down, no rain in the forecast through halloween. next rain the weather could scary. we need rain it is that time of year we need to transition over to the rainy season. that is not going to happen now. mount tamalpais hazy, air stagnant we do not have poor air pollution. you can see it is hard to find any clouds. in the east bay valleys and hills we can't see those. you can see clouds lingering at the coast to our north. this will come become a little over the weekend. i think we'll see a i lot of sun temperatures above average. right now mainly in the 60s novato 59. down to the south man ray bay inland low to mid 60s for you. -- it going to be sunny and mild this afternoon.
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clear, still chilly tonight. it was 64 in our house this morning. you may have fog in the north bay valleys tomorrow morning. it will quickly dissipate. chance of rain late next week. huge change in the jet stream where the storm track takes place. until then a lot of weather like this. today two degrees warmer than the average in livermore and san jose 75 there. san francisco three degrees warmer. napa and redwood city four degreeses warmer -- sunsets at 6:16 this evening. 70 half moon bay, 71 san francisco, a lot of mid 70s even a 77 in napa for the warm spot. down to monterey bay 68, mid 70s for the rest of bay upper 70s as you head inland. tonight, the 30s in the north bay valleys spilling into fairfield, 40s in the rest of our inland valleys except antioch at 50 upper 40s to low 50s around the bay shoreline.
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three areas of high pressure still come nating in the western half of the united states. -- dominating in the western half of the united states. jet stream stays well north if you are heading ing to the sierra expect sunshine and temperatures running near 60 in tahoe to near 70 in yosemite. if you head down south, disney is always fun during halloween, if you head down there, plugging the company, 80 in l.a., low to mid 70s in san diego, seaworld awesome also. equal, there you go. tomorrow should be warmer than today, probably the warmest in the forecast. monday halloween low to mid 70s everywhere even throw wednesday, 60s thursday, conservative, some areas may not get out of 50s then going to tart raining thursday and probably all -- start to raining thursday and probably all next weekend.
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>> historic change today in british royalty. leaders of the 16 british commonwealth nations reversed 300 years of tradition. voted unanimously to allow the first born of the british monarch, boy or girl, to ascend the throne. >> i think the time has come to change the rules so that if the royal couple have a girl, rather than a boy, then that little girl would be our queen. >> under the old lost heir is the first born son of the monarch. only when there are no sons as was the case of the queen's father does the krone pass to the eldest -- krone pass to the eldest daughter. prince charles is next followed by prince william. >> if and when william and kate have a baby, and it is a girl, she could become queen. now the guy who is third in line to the british thrown, prince harry trying hard to prove he's just a regular guy. harry is in southern california for military training. >> the 27-year-old was spotted
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last week doing his own food shopping at wal-mart buying frozen pizza, beer and bananas. he played a little more than $6 for breakfast and seen eating late night tacos after an evening of eating and bar hopping. mike will be back to introduce us
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today, director smith on his new film. then at 4:00, how new for of birth control could increase the risk of cancer. at 5:00, signature drive in san jose to lift restrictions on the number of medical marijuana clubs. those stories and more later today. right now mike nicco is back with a new friend. >> he's super sweet. good morning. hi lynn. let me first say congratulations on the new adoption center it opened in september, right? >> yes. that's where jerry will be waiting to be adopted. >> seems like it is full you have a lot of kittens. >> yes we still have kittens so come down. jerry is here, halloween and the black cat, people have
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superstitions dates back to salem days with the witches. he's the most wonderful kitty he lov to purr. he's been purring in the car he's a sweeththeart, nice kitty. >> we'll try to find him a home. we are short on time, you have a gala coming up next saturday. >> it is exciting our annual home for the holidays gala. good time to holiday shop. >> it is a great event. you have been nice enough to invite several of us to go we've had a great time and raise a lot of money. thank you for that. let's try to find jerry a home and all the kittens at the adoption center in burlingame. check out their website and my website if you are interested in heading to the gala next saturday. >> so relaxed. >> yeah.
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>> jerry can only be good luck. thanks for joining us today on abc7 news. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> to keep track of the latest news on twitter and you can talk about it at have a great day and a great weekend. bye-bye.@@0ñ
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